Palmanova is located in the province of Udine and is a 9-pointed polygonal plan fortress city. Built by the Venetians in 1593 since 2017, it is part of the UNESCO heritage. Much of the walls have been restored but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Small village of just over 5,000 inhabitants, it is very famous in Italy for its geometrically perfect shape. 9-pointed star, the walls that surround it are 7 kilometers long, from here 6 roads start which all converge towards the central square.

The first weekend of September the city comes alive with the historical re-enactment, take advantage to spend a day between bike and fun. On the other hand, a large market takes place on Mondays in the central square.


Once in Palmanova park near the train station, you will have space to prepare bicycles. Just opposite you will find the walls where to start your tour, there are three routes, all winding between earth and gravel:

the panoramic ring is the longest tour with its 6.3 kilometers.
the high ring of the ravellini is 4.3 km long.
the low ring of the moat is about 4 kilometers long.
Along each itinerary you can admire different works of military history, among the most beautiful:

the fortified barracks has Napoleonic origins, it was the last block against the attackers who wanted to enter the city.
the fortified loggia served as accommodation for the soldiers.
the Venetian aqueduct certainly deserves a stop to admire it. Right here is one of the many picnic tables.
We have undertaken all three rings, stopping right at the aqueduct to have a picnic. For Erran some sections were demanding because they were narrow and steep but he approached them with caution. The matter is different for Ethan instead. Making the tour of the walls with a seat becomes challenging. There are many ups and downs and the path is uneven. Caution.

We also advise you not to plan your trip on particularly hot days because there are no shelters. We also made the tour on foot last summer, beautiful but very tiring because of the heat.