immediately started to fight. Immediately I decided that we had to find something to do and so I convinced them to take a bike ride to Grado Pineta to go to the playground on the beach. Never a happier decision, from a trip under the house the boys immediately found interesting things to pass the time instead of beating and screaming. They helped me prepare the backpack with water and biscuits and we left. Along the beach we saw bulldozers and trucks of all sizes that were arranging the beach. Nothing interesting maybe for us adults but they loved it. Halfway down the cycle path, because of a construction site, we had to divert in the middle of the pine forest with a piece of off-road vehicle not calculated. Axel was the happiest of all and proud of being the only one who never put his feet on the ground. Arriving at the destination they did not even look at the playground but removed the shoes and immediately started digging them all together with their feet in the water. It was noon and we didn’t even realize how happy we were. Little things I hope my boys will remember one day with love.