12/18 inch bicycles are considered toys and are suitable for children up to 6 years. For older children we start from a size of 20 inches and have, unlike the smaller ones, a complete equipment for the Highway Code.
To get an idea about the size of the bike you need to take to your children at the end of the article I will post a table of frame sizes.
If the bicycle is not used regularly you will have to pay more attention to the first use but as a rule once a month check everything.
First of all check that the wheels are swollen. On the tires the maximum atmospheres to which you can subject them are marked, stay slightly below this number. Check, by making the wheel spin idle, that there is nothing to cause friction, otherwise children will struggle and get tired sooner. Put lubricant on wheels and chains.
Check the position of the handlebar and saddle. The latter should never be placed too high, during pedaling your legs should never be completely extended. Given the falls and the jumps to which the bicycle is subjected, I advise you to check this often.
Remember that smaller bicycles are not equipped with lighting, I suggest you put reflectors on the jackets and never forget to wear your child’s helmet.
It is a good rule to carry bicycles by a trusted mechanic for a general service once or twice a year, usually in the early spring and autumn.
For some days we have been carrying Ethan around riding on the road. In April it will have to be ready and know the signs and rules to follow for its safety and that of others. The country will begin to come alive with tourists and at 5 years will have to be autonomous. We have improved considerably in knowing the difference between left and right, instead to help him learn the rules and the signage we have taken a book that I recommend. It is titled FOR THE ROAD by Peter Nielander.