Saturday at 6.20 the smartphone vibrates, but who sends messages at this time? “Sorry the time but I had really forgotten that today at 9.00 am Moreno Argentin arrives for an inspection of the territory, he wants to get another stage of the Adriatica Ionica Race to Grado but in a different way from last year when he won the great Elia Viviani. ” It is the Mayor of Grado, Dario, who asks for my participation and my answer is very Garibaldi “I obey”. The meeting with Moreno is always a pleasure and I expect a nice morning. Dario and I immediately agreed on the idea of proposing a new arrival and what better time to highlight the new Pineta cycle path nearing completion and the newly assigned area of the Cittadella dello Sport for the revaluation of the sports area of Grado? Having said that it took place on the long beach to verify its feasibility, enthusiasm on the part of Moreno and insertion of sections of dirt road in Fossalon on the stage route. When there is passion in what we set ourselves with a few words and some understanding looks we also resolve some logistical problems, now we are only waiting for the official status.