Four fantastic days spent with my kids surrounded by nature, immersed in silence to admire enchanting landscapes. We started even though the weather forecasts were not the best, the navigator on Barcis was set, we arrived at our destination easily along non-traffic roads. We stayed at one of the apartments that are part of the widespread hotel, chosen because it is located in front of the lake, equipped with all the comforts and is great for being able to let the kids stay and play if it’s raining outside. We took the path that starts right from Barcis and that runs along the lake reaching Ponte Antoi, along the path of about 4 km we stopped to play on the slides and admire the view. After crossing the bridge we did it in a clockwise direction, you will find on your left the indication for the Dint path. It takes about 15 minutes on foot to reach a glass platform with a view of the lake and the dam below, worth a stop. Since the cycle path was finished instead of continuing we opted to ride along the old road, we enter only by paying a ticket and you can go around even with the train. By bike it is very beautiful, there is silence and you go around a canyon from which you can see the green water of the stream. You can also try the thrill of the Tibetan bridge that crosses the gorge. We went back and forth along the same road and then returned to Barcis. Along the way you will find picnic tables and public baths, at the restaurant you find in Ponte Antoi you can eat well and are quick and kind. The boys had fun even though it was raining, the only real flaw and the lack of a bicycle rental.