Starting from Grado you can reach the regional nature reserve of the Cona Island but there are some stretches to do on a busy road so today we offer you an itinerary of about 14 km all in safety.

The Cona reserve is open all year round and is located along the last 15km of the Isonzo river, it touches several municipalities with an area of 2,388 hectares of which 1,154 in a marine environment and is considered the best area in Italy for birdwatching, yes they can admire herons, mallards, teals, garganeys and many others.
It is located 20km from Grado and is equipped for excursions on foot or by bicycle but also on the saddle of white Camargue horses. At the mouth of the river you will find a visitor center where you can observe animals and have fun on the playground. You can opt for a picnic or to eat at the restaurant which closes on Thursday.

We always start the tour by parking in a large open space in front of the Osteria-Affittacamere Alberoni in Staranzano. A beautiful place where you can stop on the way back to eat ice cream or have lunch. They have a very large garden with goats and pigs, in summer there is ping-pong and children can run without disturbing them.
From here you leave for the Cona reserve keeping the road on the right at the crossroads. To find out if you are on the right path, know that after a few meters you will have to pedal on a bridge that crosses the stream. The path is very simple and where there are crossroads you will always find the indications for the reserve. You will cycle alongside the fields and the waterway sheltered by trees, an itinerary to be done easily even in summer, suitable for everyone and any bicycle.
At the end of the tour you will find the visitor center where you can stop. The restaurant has a beautiful view but the service is slow and children are likely to get bored. For the next time we will opt for a picnic in the equipped area also because Ethan always has fun at the playground located there. Don’t forget to fill your water bottles because you won’t find drinking fountains along the way.
We left the bicycles and also walked the ring route where you will find the stations from where you can easily observe the animals. Absolutely to avoid if it rained a lot in the previous days as you would need boots to face the circuit.
From the reserve go back along the same road. The whole route is about 14km long and if you still want and energy you can take a walk on the path that starts nearby. With your back to the Alberoni, walk to the right and take the path on the right to the embankment. It can also be done by bicycle but on foot the kids will have fun climbing the embankment and admiring the view.