Starting from Grado you reach, by setting the navigator, the village of Devetaki, a hamlet of Savogna D’Isonzo (GO). As soon as you enter the town, follow the signs for the historic Brestovec route, you can park on a side street from which the real path starts to be traveled only by mountain bike. Our tour started at the base of Monte San Michele where Alessandro mounted his beloved vintage Bianchi and challenged the climb while we were waiting for him at the top. The climb for those who are not fit is too demanding and I didn’t want to ruin the trip for the whole family by engaging the kids in a path that was not suitable for them because it was pulling a strong side wind. We passed in front of the Ungheretti Park where we stopped and took the opportunity to tell our children what had happened on those hills, as young boys, instead of playing the switch, had died for the Fatherland. Once we reached Devetaki we mounted the other mountain bikes and ventured in search of the trenches. The route is well maintained, wide in passages and you can admire a splendid panorama over the Carso. We often left our bikes on the path and walked into the trenches where we can walk safely. There are no mileage indications and in order not to risk returning too much we have faced it backwards.