Having wanted to spend time together with the boys, I decided to take them to Treviso for two days, as it is not far from Grado. Arrived we immediately went in search of the bike rental I had read on Google. Actually this time I had not found a non-existent address and I recommend it for the kindness of the staff and the central position, it is called Andrea Lenzini Cicli in Viale IV Novembre 30 / A. From there we took the opportunity to see the historic center of the city that we did not know, very beautiful and clean but chaotic as traffic. I strongly advise against riding it by bicycle if you do not have children large enough, the cycle paths wind along side very busy roads, are poorly distributed and confusing. The next day we were ready to ride along the path that runs along the river Sile. Find the entrance right behind the bike rental, at the end of the street turn left and follow the signs E4, along the tree-shaded road there are fountains to cool off and fill the water bottles and benches to rest. We took the opportunity to have a picnic watching the swans and the ducks. Attention are not marked the names of the countries that meet in the kilometers that are missing to the next country, being alone with the boys I opted to go and to return on the same street in order to know how much I was moving away from Treviso.