If you have arrived in Grado passing through Aquileia, you will surely have appreciated the view that you can admire along the road that winds along the lagoon that connects the hamlet of Boscat to Grado.
Until the fifth century here was the mainland that connected Aquileia to the port of Grado. Today it is completely covered with water and you can watch gulls, gray herons, mallards and sea swallows as they fly. In the backpacks of the boys there are always binoculars so when we stop to catch our breath they are busy and do not fight.
A cycle path runs alongside the road. We do not travel a lot but if you have never done it, you deserve a ride. If you start the path from Boscat you will find a large parking lot near the restaurant where the cycle lane begins. If you start from Grado you can park after the first roundabout, but be careful when you are pedaling on the bridge that is very busy and does not have the cycle path for the moment.

If you arrive from the city once you start the path you will see the casoni on your left. They are simple houses with the roof and the straw walls used by the fishermen. If you are lucky you can see them go out into the lagoon with batele, rowing boats typical of the area. On your right you will find the sanctuary of the Madonna di Barbana built on a small island and a pilgrimage destination.

We advise you not to do this tour in the middle of summer or in the hottest hours because there is no shelter from the sun.