For carnival the schools in Grado were closed one week so we decided to give us a holiday in London together with the boys. It is a beautiful city but very chaotic, equally many cyclists can be seen. We also tried to rent bikes but Ethan is too young. If you are traveling with children over 12 years, we recommend two experiences that could be interesting.

1) Take bike sharing, the racks are found scattered everywhere in the city. The rental costs 2 pounds for half an hour but if you return it to another station within this period you can take another one for free and so on. If you spend 30 minutes it will cost you 2 pounds every half hour thereafter. Take the opportunity to cycle to San Jame’s park, which is located opposite Buckingham Palace.
2) If you prefer you can take a bike ride with a local guide. They organize tours that touch the main points of tourist interest.

To keep the dads happy, go to the Rapha store on Brewer Street 85 in Soho. While he will make up his eyes between technical jackets and bikes you mothers can drink a cappuccino at the bar inside the store. The staff is very friendly and you can talk with them about cycling.