Due to the Coronavirus this year, the Adriatic Ionica Race, a professional cycling race, which was supposed to end right in Grado, was canceled. The decision was made with great regret but we are sure that next year we will all be ready to welcome them again.
Also this year Moreno Argentin leaned on Alessandro to make an above place in Grado in search of possible white roads to be included in the route. After careful analysis they identified a path that winds through the fields of Aquileia, a UNESCO site a few kilometers from Grado. We did the same route a few weeks ago with our boys. Easy itinerary, within everyone’s reach and above all immersed in tranquility, we start from the FVG tourist office located right in the center of Aquileia. Here you will find a large parking area where you can mount your bikes and get ready to ride.
Aquileia was a very important port of the Roman Empire and even today it is possible to visit the archaeological sites perfectly preserved. The tour that we propose starts right near the basilica of S. Maria Assunta, you pedal right in front of it and we recommend a stop to admire its interior. The mosaic covering the floor extends for more than 760 m2 and is still the oldest Christian mosaic and above all the largest in the West. On returning from the ride, if you still have energy, we suggest a walk along the old Roman port that winds for a few kilometers starting from just behind the parking lot.
As previously said, park in the center near the tourist office and you will find the cycle path right in front of you. Take the direction of the basilica which you will see popping up nearby and start your tour. You will pass in front of the church and continue along the cycle path until the sign indicating the direction for VIOLA. Exactly there turn and take the road that cuts through the fields. Don’t worry, very few cars pass and almost all cyclists continue their ride following the cycle path. Instead, you will get lost along rural expanses in total silence and with the mountains in the background. In winter the gaze changes from the color of the earth to that of the snow-capped peaks. Gorgeous show. Continue straight ahead to the embankment and turn left. Immediately after the turn you will pass in front of the GRANAIO BIO, an excellent farmhouse where you can taste dishes based on local products. Continue straight ahead even at the first crossroads that you meet, you will cross the st. Provincial 119. After a few kilometers you will find on your left the PUNTIN WINERY where you can taste their wines with the combination of some vegetarian appetizers. From here to return to the car park you will have to cross and pedal for a few meters along the provincial road which is sometimes busy.
In the center you will also find the chocolate factory, the Mosaic pastry shop and a splendid ice cream shop, all places that will make young and old happy.