On Saturday we went with friends to Koper, taking advantage of the free bicibus service. We started from the bus station in Grado and stopped in Monfalcone and Trieste. Unfortunately we have noticed that people have not taken advantage of this initiative but we hope that with word of mouth there will be more accession and that the service will be renewed. We arrived at the Koper bus stop which is just a few minutes from the center and is almost completely connected with a cycle path, they are only a few meters in the street, which is nevertheless wide and with little traffic. We reached the port and went around the inside and the boys enjoyed seeing ferries and merchant ships. After the loop path we took the path that runs along the waterfront and it was a pleasure to see how large, shady and served by baths, they also have a speed limit reported everywhere. The children were very good because we reached Isola with a very strong headwind, even if the view of the gulf and the coming and going of ships and boats made us less burdened with fatigue. Finding a place in the shade for the picnic was not easy, but as always we adapted and at the end between a sandwich, a laugh and a dip in the clear waters we could not ask for better. Put the bicycles in, we get back to the center stopping along the road for another dive and two jumps to the playground. We ended the day with an ice cream but above all I would recommend a stop at Caffè Costadoro, you can find it right at the beginning of the waterfront in front of the public gardens. In addition to having a well-stocked dessert counter, they prepare the granita with fruit, the teas and the various lemonades are homemade and presented in jars of preserves with fantastic decorations. I think I’m going to make the trip just to get back to them.