After three weeks of rain we finally managed to organize a bike trip with the boys and we involved some of their friends. We started from the visitor center of Valle Cavanata where unfortunately we could not rent bicycles because they were all under review. This did not stop us and making more trips we took our vehicles to the meeting point already in the morning. We must never break down in front of problems but react and find the solution, this is what I repeat to my children and I try to set a good example together with Alessandro. It’s not always easy but then you see the results, in fact punctual as always grandparents and friends have joined us to spend time together. Cycling along the valley, almost all on the bike path, we stopped to admire the swans, the view and to chat. We took some rain both on the way and on the way back but it was worth it. The boys didn’t watch TV all day, they didn’t use their cell phones and they didn’t fight. In fact, Erran also had an invitation to eat pizza at his friend Gabriele’s house. It couldn’t have been better.