Today we offer a day where physical activity, a nice ride, and the discovery of special birds are combined with a visit to the oasis of storks. Start by reaching the town of Martignacco driving on the A4 and exit at Udine sud. Once you reach the center of the village you will find a large parking lot from where the cycle path starts, wide and paved, turn immediately left and after about 1km on your right you will cross a beautiful wide dirt road. You will pedal through the fields without any danger, at the end of the road turn left and at the stop sign you will find signs for the castle of Villalta. Unfortunately it cannot be visited and therefore you can choose whether to go back by the same road or by turning left and you will again cross the path that continues ahead, along the road, or you will return to the initial parking area by pedaling through the fields. At 7km from Martignacco there is a special place, the Quadris Oasis in Fagagna; we have decided to go there by car after having crossed the ring but you can easily reach it by bicycle, not always on a cycle path. You will immediately notice when you arrive because the storks will fly over your heads and you will see their nests, authentic masterpieces, on the chimneys of the houses. The place is equipped with picnic tables in the shade and the ibis will not be ready to say goodbye, otherwise there is also a farmhouse opposite the parking lot. If you follow them on Facebook you will be informed about the exact date, this year it was March 3rd, where the storks are released with a big party for young and old.