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There are only a few days to go before the caravan leaves Alessandro and the Grado’s delegation in Graz in five days. The agitation begins to be felt but the much-loved bicycles are ready , taken under the expert hands of trusted mechanic Mauro , the bicycles must be put on to start this new adventure. Below is the brochure presenting the various stages and there is a lot of useful information, especially the telephone numbers of the SAF and APT for the bus bike service which in the summer connects Grado to Trieste or to the Collio. You are advised three turns with the various kilometers and the maps of the track. The first two Axel and Erran pedal them completely but you will find more information by reading the article entitled ” Tour of Aquileia” as far as concerns and the 27km route even if we have shortened it to help families with younger children. The second article is titled ” Tour Grado-Graz” and again the 36 km circuit, also revisited but shortened a little .
GOOD READING, for any information do not hesitate to write us.





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