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From today we will keep you informed about a project in which Alessandro participates.
The association SOGIT in collaboration with the municipality of Grado has organized a bicycle tour to reach Graz. The caravan will start on April 6 and will stop in Postumia, Ljubljana, Lasko, Maribor and will reach the capital of Styria on April 11 to promote a eco-sustainable tourism. Meanwhile Alessandro started training a little, family commitments, riding a bicycle with Erran so they also took the opportunity to be alone for a while.
The first tour that they did went around the “bissa” road as well as its many curves, on one side only wood, where you can see the roe deer, on the other only fields. Coming out of Grado, in the direction of Monfalcone, turn following the signs for Fossalon and past the visitor center of Valle Cavanata continue to the cemetery where you can park. The complete tour is 36 km long but at no time can you go back to enjoy the view and the silence. Erran has managed to cover it all as a true champion. From the cemetery he cycled to the chemical toilet in the middle of the fields and turned to the right reaching the main road and still holding the right he reached the bank that overlooks the Gulf of Trieste. Once up, it continued always to the right until the end of the cycle path and then skirting the Valle Canavata and returned to the cemetery.
Good champion and HAVE FUN

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